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13 beauty products that will make Irish 90s girls weak with nostalgia

If it wasn’t frosted, we weren’t interested.

HOPE YOU’RE ready for this wild ride down 90s Beauty road. As Posh Spice once said: “Hold on to your knickers girls!”

1. Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick

Extremely frosty, vaguely plum. GORGE.

2. Or Coffee Shimmer, if you were that bit more daring

3. Lip Smackers

lip-smacker-caboodles Source: Bunnycookie

How jealous were you of the girl in your class who went to the States and came back with previously unknown flavours? Very jealous, we’ll bet.

4. Max Factor Pan Stik

Great because it also doubled as a lipstick.

5. Wella Shaders and Toners

dscf0261 Source: Wordpress

Because your mam wouldn’t let you dye your hair bright red permanently.

6. Impulse body spray

7a798afb79fb7d9ed2cdb618fa488119 Source: Pinterest

The star was of course O2, which became the signature scent of many a girls’ school bathroom.

7. Body Shop White Musk

the-body-shop-white-musk-body-spray-L-DgDnsQ Source: Paperblog

8. And Dewberry

30837_9d348403b5b83c5f8b9b800ca9289ad9 Source: Parfumo

9. And the fruity lip balms in the little pots

a3a6177c06d5acc098ff657a9666d29f Source: Pinterest

Especially the kiwi one.

10. Sun In

limon-y-tropical-sun-in Source: Haircrazy

Would you turn out as beautifully blonde as the lady on the bottle? No. Did you care? Not really.

11. So…? perfumes

soperfume Source: boots.com

12. These little tubs of jelly-like body glitter

il_fullxfull.338006539 Source: Etsy

Get ‘em in the pound shop. Smear them all over your person. Profit.

13. And Herbal Essences shampoo

herbalessences Source: YouTube

Still around, yes, but who could forget the racy ads and the pastel packaging?

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