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Tyra Banks/Vine Tyra. Smizing AND Vining. Such talent.
# beginner's guide
A beginner's guide to Vine courtesy of some famous people
Nothing eases you into a new app like advice from Dick Van Dyke

SOMETIMES IT FEELS like there might be too many apps.

When Twitter debuted new video sharing tool Vine last week you may have felt anxious about learning the ins and outs of yet another social media tool.

Well, fret not because we’ve decided to give you a guide to how best to use the app.

Follow our simple steps to getting the best out of Vine with exciting celebrity examples and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Or at least get more followers on Vine than them. That’ll show ‘em.

1. Show people where you are

Checking in and telling people where you are makes up for (we’re guessing) 99% of all social media posts.

But now you can show a quick six second video of you in your chosen location. It’s the future! It’s amazing. And Arnold Schwarzenegger did it.

And if we’re going to take direction from anyone we’re going to take it from the star of Kindergarten Cop.

Vine / Arnold

2. Tell people what you’re doing

Are you having a blast with your friends? Well, unless it ends up on social media then you probably aren’t having any fun at all.

Take a cue from the Vine work of Enrique Iglesias and his buddy Pitbull who were whipping a bra around on stage and thought to share us with us all. How sweet of them.

Vine / Enrique Iglesias

3. Feature your pets

You don’t need us to tell you that people’s pet are the backbone of everything online.

Who doesn’t love a good cat/dog/cute animal video? And we’ve all liked numerous photos of our friends puppies on Instagram.

Use Kevin Smith as your example and post the adventures of your pesky pet then watch the social media adulation flood in.

Vine / Kevin Smith

4. Show your crazy side

We get it. You’re really great. You’re good looking. You dress well. You are genetically incapable of taking a bad picture. Social media is your playground for this exact reason. FINE.

But it wouldn’t hurt to let loose every now and then via Vine.

Why not follow the lead of Tyra Banks? The model turned TV personality is not only beautiful professionally she is clearly a bit nuts. Her Vine video is a six second masterclass in showing that you are more than just a pretty face. You are also in fact, mental.

Vine / Tyra Banks

5. Just copy Dick Van Dyke

Diagnosis: Murder is still a classic and he’s starred in the kind of kids movies you probably still watch once every few months.

But who knew that Dick Van Dyke would make Twitter and Vine his own?

He picked up the SAG Award for Lifetime Achievement this week but his Vine posts are what we’re really interested in.  With clips such as “Fun With Hairpiece” we can safely say that Dick is doing Vine the right way.

Vine / Dick Van Dyke

Thus concludes our Vine tutorial. May the actions of Tyra, Dick, Kevin, Enrique and Arnold guide as you navigate the new world of yet another app. Godspeed.

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