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end selfie shame

6 reasons why you should stop giving out about selfies

In defense of selfies.

Decided to take a selfie with my mom's dog Imgur Imgur


You can’t escape them. They have inspired books, TV shows and even college courses.

Yet despite the fact that even your granny has probably posed for a selfie at this point, those who take selfies still have to deal with this sort of criticism.

Harsh words.

So harsh that you can understand why the act of posting a selfie can inspire feelings of shame…

But we’re here to say that the selfie isn’t all that bad and there’s no reason to feel ashamed.

Here’s why.

1. First of all, they’re completely and utterly harmless

Tried to take a selfie with my dog..turned out great Imgur Imgur

So what if someone has posted a selfie?

Unless the person in the selfie is literally posing inside the Anne Frank house with your ex whom you are still not over, there is no reason to let one ruin your day.

They are completely harmless and inoffensive. Leave people off.

After all…

2. We’re supposed to be all about self-love, aren’t we?

giphy (23) coolphicool / Tumblr coolphicool / Tumblr / Tumblr

In a world where people are routinely told they’re not good enough, taking a selfie and sharing it with the world is quite a daring act!

It says, “Damn, I look good and I feel good, and I don’t care who knows it.”

In other words, it’s the ultimate act of self-love.

3. This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, people

Germany Exhibition AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

The first selfie was taken in 1839.

All throughout history, powerful people have sought to preserve their image through art. Think of every classical portrait or bust you have ever seen in a museum — nobody accuses those historical figures/dead people of being narcissists, do they?

What we’re trying to say is: you can take one selfie and not feel guilty about it.

4. Did we mention that they’re totally fun and frivolous?

If you hate selfies, let us ask you this: have you ever taken a selfie?

If not, you are missing out on the joys of making funny/sexy/goofy faces and playing with filters. Sure, it’s not the best use of one’s time, but neither is watching Top Gear.

Even more fun? Taking someone else’s phone and filling their photo library with selfies. Classic prank.

5. Also, just because you take a selfie doesn’t mean you’re a big narcissist


It just means you like yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that!

As Everyday Feminism writes:

You don’t have to apologize for noticing yourself. Drink yourself in. Celebrate yourself. Never feel guilty for announcing your presence. You deserve to fill up space.

6. In short, there’s nothing to be ashamed of

giphy (24) Reddit Reddit

In the lift in work? Take a selfie! In a nicely lit dressing room? Take a selfie. Lying on your bed shovelling pizza into your hungover mouth? Take a selfie.


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