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8 reasons why the 3 in 1 will always have a place in Irish hearts

Bow down to the king of all beige.

EARLIER TODAY, IT emerged that some English people are just discovering the wonders of the 3 in 1, to much derision from Irish and Welsh folk.

How had this particular delicacy escaped their notice for so long? We may never know.

For how do we love thee, 3 in 1? Let us count the ways.

1. Firstly – carbs. So many carbs

o Yelp Yelp

The definition of beige comfort food.

2. Chips and rice together should never work, but they do

Egg Fried Rice, Chips & Curry Sauce on ... Facebook / 龍方 Long Fang Kitchen Chinese Take Away Facebook / 龍方 Long Fang Kitchen Chinese Take Away / 龍方 Long Fang Kitchen Chinese Take Away

Would you ever dare? But the 3 in 1 dares, and wins.

3. They’re the best kind of drunk food

Could murder this right now!! #homefood #chipsriceandcurry Instagram / thealexharrison Instagram / thealexharrison / thealexharrison

Y’know, in that all you have to do is shovel the brown mess into your mouth. No thinking, no need to discern one bit of it from another.

4. They’re cheap, cheerful, and easily available

Things Malmö ain't got: the #3in1 #eastmeetswest #multiculturism #vegan #currysauce #chipsandrice #ultimatedrunkfood #drunkfood #nofalafel #beijinglistenup #chineserestaurant #madeinchina #mao #maosredbook #foodculturalrevolution #bourgeoisdegeneracy #postmodernism #thepostmodernkitchen #latecapitalism #declineofthewest #riseoftheeast #riceoftheeast Instagramalltheboysarecalledbilly Instagramalltheboysarecalledbilly

If a 3 in 1 ever costs you more than a fiver, then someone has made a mug of you, my friend.

5. Takeaways get super creative with them

With the addition of chicken, the 3 in 1 can be a 4 in 1 – or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can swap out the curry sauce for sweet and sour or barbecue.

And then they can just completely take the piss:

6. And you can judge how good a takeaway is on their 3 in 1s alone

Sloppy 3 in 1? Sloppy everything else.

7. There’s something strangely horrifying about them

Like so many foods Irish people hold dear, the 3 in 1 is sort of disgusting. But it’s OUR sort of disgusting.

8. Lastly, carbs. So many carbs

3in1 Yelp Yelp

Must we say more? Must we?

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