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The Dredge: A celeb has been beaten up as part of a 'NKOTB turf war'

Seriously. That and all the rest of the day’s dirt.

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#HANGIN’ TOUGH: Aaron Carter (little brother of Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter) got into a spot of trouble over the weekend, apparently due to a NKOTB turf war. (TMZ)

Yes, that’s right, apparently 90s boy band New Kids on the Block still have ‘turf”.

Aaron claims that he was in Boston (aka the New Kids’ hometown), ahead of a performance, when a large man approached him and said:

I heard you’re doing a show here tomorrow. This is the town of the New Kids.

Aaron claims three other guys then jumped out of a gold Chevy Malibu and beat him up.

Instagram/Aaron Carter

He still has his pride though, saying:

I think my knuckles might be broken, but that’s what they get. People think I’m a pretty little white boy but no way. I think I won. I’m still standing.

We genuinely have no words for this scenario.

#I LOVE YOUR SMILE: Victoria Beckham has a reputation for being a cranky pants, and you can see why.

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

However, she has always maintained that she actually smiles a lot.

Yesterday, David Beckham posted a picture to Facebook which supports that statement.

Facebook/David Beckham

Granted, the fact that the photo is in itself newsworthy probably indicates that she has some way to go to disprove her reputation.

Still the loveliness of the image hit us right in the one romantic bone in our body.

#STAY COOL, DADDIO: Robbie Williams has said he will buy his daughter drugs if she wants to take them. (The Sun)

Twitter/Robbie Williams

His daughter, Teddy, is now nine months old and he’s been talking about fatherhood, saying that he hopes she won’t follow in his footsteps when it comes to drug use.

If she does, however, he says he’ll ‘know what to do’.

Which is make sure she’s got the best drugs possible — and take them with her.

It’s an interesting parenting strategy, one we’ll watch with interest.

And the rest of the day’s dirt:

  • Kanye may have proposed to Kim shortly after the birth of North West. (Mirror)
  • Rihanna and Cara Delevingne are going on holidays together. (The Sun)
  • Also, Rihanna did this over the weekend. (Instagram)

  • Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes‘ family are upset about the new version of Waterfalls. (TMZ)


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