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# Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad was on 90210 in the 90s
It’s really something.

EVERYONE HAS TO start somewhere, we just hope our start is never broadcast on national television. Unfortunately for Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, an appearance on The Tonight Show to promote the final series of Breaking Bad resulted in just that.

Paul couldn’t believe it when host Jay Leno dug up the vintage footage from the original series of teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. The scene involves Paul’s character acting out lines from Romeo and Juliet and also depicts his first on screen kiss–which was more of a headbutt than anything.

Paul can’t believe how bad he was either.

That was awful, wow!

While Leno was apologetic for the storm he’d just unleashed.

I realise I just cost you the nomination, I’m sorry. I bet you get most improved.

The actor who plays Jesse Pinkman on the popular drama won an Emmy for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series’ for the past two years and is nominated again this year.

It wasn’t the first time Leno embarrassed his guest with a blast from the past, showing an extremely enthusiastic clip of him on The Price is Right last year.

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