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23 signs you have suffered with an addiction to The Sims

Or possibly even still. No judgement here, y’all.

THE FIRST EDITION of life simulation game The Sims was released in 2000.

Since then it has become one of the most successful video games series of all time. It’s an open-ended game, where nothing really happens, but it was the most addictive thing since Nutella sandwiches.

Of course, The Sims is still going strong today. But it’s more the old days, even back before expansion packs, that we remember fondly. So if you remember this…

Source: Sims/Wikia

Then let’s take a trip down memory lane…

1. You know the joy of building mode

And by “joy” we mean utter torture. Build! BUILD! NO I DON’T WANT THE WINDOW THERE!

Source: pcgamespy.com

2. And not being able to afford things

The Formica kitchen table was a concession to your distinct lack of Simoleons.

Source: modthesims.inf

3. Unless you used “Rosebud !;!;!;!” or “Klapaucius”

Ah, yes, the money cheats. They changed everything. If you were a Sims 2 person, you probably used “kaching” or went for broke and just did “motherlode”. Sure, it removed the competitive element of trying to advance in school or your job, but you could get so much STUFF. Worth it.

Source: thesimsarea.nl

4. Or else you went for the pre-made houses and families

But you never went for the pre-made Sims. That’d be boring. (And they often had terrible personalities. Who wants a mean neat freak?)

create Source: mobygames.com

And remember the Goth family?

Source: tumblr.com

5. But some people prided themselves on their design skills

The windows on the house HAD to be even. And stairs placement was crucial.

Source: Imgur

6. The music was almost the best part

Go on. Give it a play, for old time’s sake.

Source: Nick Sevarg/YouTube

7. You were amazed by the expansion packs when they first arrived

If you were a Sims purist and just had the first game, you won’t know of the wonders that came next. The Sims 2 had expansion packs like Pets, University, and Sims 3 had Ambitions, Generations and World Adventures.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. You either really cared about advancing in your job…

You wanted to be a success, damn it!

Source: Wikia/The Sims

9. …Or you really didn’t care what your Sims got up to

You just wanted to mess with them and have them make fun of people.

Source: Imgur

Source: Sims/Wikia - Electronic Arts

10. Fires happened

Stupid Sims can’t even make their stupid hamburgers without setting your lovely kitchen ablaze.

Source: Deviant Art

Source: blogger.com


11. As did robberies

That thief always looked so smug. Stupid smug thief.

Source: modthesims.info

12. Not to mention the Grim Reaper coming knocking

Hands up who deliberately killed a Sim? Be honest, you’re among friends here.

Source: Wikia/The Sims

13. The health bar was all-important

And, frankly, spawned amazing and simple Halloween costumes.

Source: Sims/Wikia - Electronic Arts

Source: Imgur

14. Sims lost control pretty frequently

Stamping their feet like little brats. Wetting themselves. The works.

Source: tumblr.com

Source: Imgur

15. It was a life in which you could afford a gardener and a maid

And a repairman to fix the dishwasher that the Sims inevitably broke.

Source: Wikia/The Sims

16. Glitches were gas

The Sims being a bit buggy actually just made it better.

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

17. Hamburgers never looked so good

And that pizza? Sure don’t talk to me. Gorgeous looking.

Source: WikiHow

18. Until they turned into lumps of rubbish

So much rubbish.

Source: blogger.com

19. The Sims introduced you to all manner of famous paintings

It was a lot of people’s first introduction to Mondrian. The Sims getting their bit of culture actually ended up with YOU getting your bit of culture.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

20. And taught you some basic “Simlish”

Sounds kind of like Swedish, when you think about it.

Source: TheSims/YouTube

And in later years, they even had high profile stars doing their hits in Simlish. Yes, really! Check out Katy Perry singing in the Sim’s native tongue.

Source: TheSims3EAmusic/YouTube

21. Admit it…

You messed with your Sims occasionally.

Ever put them in a pool, make them swim, then remove the stairs so they just had to swim around forever? Or lock them in a room until they just gave up? And then SOLD THEIR URN?

Yep. Classic.

Source: news.mmosite.com

22. Time would speed by way too fast in the game sometimes

And your Sim would lose their job or miss the school bus or wet themselves. They were forever wetting themselves.

Source: ign.com

23. And in real life…

Ever lost an entire day to The Sims? Yep. That happens.

Source: BuzzFeed

Were you ever addicted to The Sims? Or are you still? Share your experiences and WooHoo in the comments. 

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