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13 addictive games that almost ruined your life

Just one more level. One more.

THE INTERNET IS in a state of withdrawal and struggling to cope with the loss of the fiendishly difficult Flappy Bird.

However, it wasn’t the first game to take the world by storm and leave many of us struggling to resist the temptation to play.

In fact, it’s just one of a long line of utterly addictive mobile and computer games.

Remember when these ones almost ruined your life?

1. Snake

Source: Blogspot

Woe betide the individual that called or texted when you were about to set a high score.

2. Candy Crush

Source: Cheez Burger

Just one more level.

One more.

Source: BlogSpot

3. Angry Birds

Source: Tumblr

So addictive it got its own movie and a range of merchandise.

Source: Oddfunny

4. Football Manager

Source: Troll

True story.

5. The Sims

Source: Screengrab via The Sims Wiki

Start building a house at 6pm.

Wake up at the keyboard in your own drool.

Source: Tumblr

6. World of Warcraft

Source: Dualshockers

A game so addictive it inspired a South Park episode about how addictive it is.

Source: Cloudfront

7. Jetpack Joyride

Source: HalfbrickStudios


Source: Quickmeme

8. Tiny Wings

Source: Wordpress

This little wingman was Number 1 in the games charts long before Flappy Bird arrived.

Source: Memegenerator

9. Tetris

Source: Screengrab via Free Tetris

Originally had us glued to the GameBoy, then arrived for free online.

Don’t tell us you didn’t see people playing this baby in university lectures.

Source: Quickmeme

10. Words with Friends

Source: Imgur

So many words. So little time.

Mashable says this one may have even been the reason Alec Baldwin was kicked off a plane.

11. Cut The Rope

Source: Tumblr

Om Nom’s addiction to sweets was so addictive but just didn’t have enough levels.

Source: Quickmeme

Cut The Rope 2 = twice the time spent not living.

12. Temple Run

Source: Screengrab via Wordpress

Just. Keep. Running.

You’ll get there eventually, right?

Source: Quickmeme

13. FarmVille

Source: Zynga

Destroyed Facebook friendships.

Ruined lives.

May or may not be considered a taboo subject in some households.

Source: Imgur

Now tell us, which delightfully difficult and utterly addictive games kept you up all night?

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