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Adele dressed as an Adele impersonator, and managed to fool other Adele impersonators

Say ‘Adele’ again. Adele.

9697557-low_res-adele-at-the-bbc Source: BBC/Guy Levy

LAST NIGHT, ADELE performed tracks from her new album 25 in a one-hour BBC special, hosted by Graham Norton.

In between songs, the singer chatted to Graham about her life and career, and played a prank on some of her biggest fans.

She went along to an audition for Adele impersonators, wearing a prosthetic nose and chin and calling herself ‘Jenny’.

BBC Music Source: BBC

fakechin Source: YouTube

Adele played Jenny as a nervous wreck, and faked missing her cue for To Make You Feel My Love.  But then she actually started singing, and…



As the impersonators slowly started twigging that it was the real Adele up there, the prank soon turned from funny to genuinely moving.

Source: BBC/YouTube

BBC Music Source: BBC/Tim Taggart

Adele. QUEEN.

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