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Adele's bodyguard has become an internet sensation… it’s the Dredge

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adelecover Source: PA

Of course, Adele has been everywhere of late with her new album and all that.

But it’s the man accompanying her everywhere that is now starting to get all sorts of attention.

Why? Well, he’s hot:

“Hello, it’s me…”

And now he’s a sensation.

He’s already grown a fan base when he worked for Lady Gaga, but now his work with Adele has taken him to new heights.

Look at him here, absolutely bossing a situation.

A new hero.

Kevin Costner, you were so 20 years ago.

Rumours are abounding that Graham Norton has taken to Tinder following his split with Andrew Smith over the summer.

The Graham Norton Show - London Source: Ian West

As The Sun reports, they’ve spotted our Graham’s profile recently but there is no actual confirmation that it’s himself apart from this snippet in The Mail:

The newspaper reports that Graham’s profile includes pictures of him on holiday and another image sees him in ‘full motorbike gear’.

So, that’s all we’re working with at the moment. Good luck to him if he is, Tinder is all the better for it.

Jack Whitehall had a pop at Emily Ratajkowski’s acting skills when he hosted this year’s British Fashion Awards.

Art of Football Exhibition - London Source: Richard Gray

Just throwing some casual shade her way:

Emily starred in the Entourage movie, where she proved that fashion’s loss will be acting’s loss as well. It’s alright she’snot here I checked.


The guy who played the cute kid from Jerry Maguire thinks that Niall Horan is the spitting image of his most famous character.

And the internet agrees.

It’s all about those glasses, though.

And the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt…

  • Kylie Jenner is going to appear on Ellen, and this preview clip shows her talking about Tyga (Cosmo)
  • Will Smith could be entering politics soon. If he could just portray his character from Independence Day in real life then he would be President. (US Magazine)
  • Zayn Malik now has dyed grey hair and it’s a new world for the man (Twitter)
  • Googlebox’sScarlett Moffatt has landed herself a job on radio across the water (Daily Mail)

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