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13 struggles anyone who grew up using Aertel will understand


1. When this was the premier source of real time information when you were flaking on your couch

Aertel-390x285 Source: RTE

It was a different time, a worse time.

The internet before the internet.

2. And you had to wait for ages for your specific cinema listings to come around

cinema Source: RTE

Page 1/16 and you knew your cinema was always last.

3. Needing to be ninja quick with the hold button so the f**king page didn’t load again

hbbtv_4 Source: Regmedia

4. Patiently waiting for the next page to see the score in the match and feeling the pure tension

aertel Source: Did

Your team was always on the third page. This was no way to live.

5. There were always stories of diehard fans who had watched a whole game just on Teletext

scoress Source: Twitter

Absolute commitment.

6. When this counted as interactive gaming

bamboozle Source: Twitter


7. When this passed as cutting edge graphics

birthday Source: RTE

8. Using page 180 to figure out what it was that you were actually watching

page180 Source: RTE

9. This was the best way to find out if your luck was in on the Lotto

lotto Source: RTE

10. And Aertel had you covered on jokes too

kidding Source: TeletextArt Tumblr

When you were getting your gags from Aertel, you knew it was a low point. But it’s all we had.

11. It was a time when glamorous air travel looked like this

glam Source: RTE

12. And you knew when to leave the gaff based on this slow moving page

arrivals Source: RTE

13. There were times that you pressed the hold button too early and the page wouldn’t load – or it just looked like this

download (17) Source: RTE

“I need my… INFORMATION.”

Ah, Aertel. You’re missed greatly but we’ll never forget the struggles.

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