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These lads went down to an airport just so they could greet strangers coming off their flights

For the craic – and just to be nice.

airportsucks Source: YouTube

YOUTUBE CHANNEL GENERATION Y Not is made up of four lads from the west coast of America who do things that put them all out of their comfort zones.

So, they had a plan this week

airportsucks2 Source: Youtube

Which was a pretty friendly thing to do

airportsucks3 Source: YouTube

They wanted to brighten up the days of those arriving into the airport alone – by greeting them in the arrivals area.

When all the other passengers had people to see them home, they would be there for the others.

So, they turned up – but at first they weren’t all that successful

airportsuck4 Source: YouTube

“I think everyone thinks we are uber drivers” one of them said as the passengers walked on by

awkwars Source: YouTube

But then people started seeing their welcome sign and went with it

huggy Source: YouTube

They were the welcoming party for those people that had nobody with them

huggy2 Source: YouTube

Sound lads, all

lucky2 Source: YouTube

But then something started to happen

airportsucks4 Source: YouTube

Even people who had friends and family there put them to work

sayhello Source: YouTube

They even wished this guy a happy birthday

birthdayhappy Source: YouTube

How would it fly in Dublin Airport?

Quite well, we’d imagine <3

Source: Generation Y Not/YouTube

hat-tip Buzzfeed

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