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Amanda Brunker has offered to help Alan Shatter write another book

Laura II, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Image: Brian Lawless

NOW THAT HE’S no longer Justice Minister, Alan Shatter will have a bit of free time on his hands.

No doubt he’s considering his next move, and we have but one small suggestion to add to the pile – perhaps he should return to writing novels?

Laura, his debut 1990 novel, made waves last year after it was revealed a complaint about it had been made to the censorship board. The interest in the novel was so huge, the original publishers Poolbeg ordered a reprint.

So why not return to writing? After all, he has been offered help from a very capable pair of hands – seasoned novelist Amanda Brunker.

Oxegen Music Festivals Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

(“Champagne Laura” is a reference to Brunker’s own series of novels, entitled Champagne Kisses, by the way.)

We’re not sure the pair of them could top the sensual beauty of this scene in Laura – in which fictional TD Seán Brannigan makes a move on his young secretary, Colette, in a Leinster House office.

Yes, we’re bringing out the sex scene again.

Her inexperienced hands touched him so tentatively that every muscle in his body ached for fulfilment. When he entered her, he knew it was her first time. He moved slowly and she dug her fingers into his back, moaning and gasping for breath.
When she loosened her grip and her body relaxed, he knew he was going to erupt. She gasped again as he pulled himself free of her and overflowed on her slender body. They were lying on the carpeted floor of his office… It was almost midnight and, except for the Gardaí at the entrance gates, Leinster House was deserted.

Still hasn’t lost its punch. Brunker, reckon you’re up to it?

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