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Marketing company tries to take credit for Alex From Target meme, gets shot down

This is why we can’t have nice things.

YESTERDAY, WE TOLD you all about Alex From Target, the latest bizarre meme to go viral on Twitter.

It all started with this simple tweet, which featured a picture of a teenage boy packing bags at US supermarket chain Target.

Tweet by @⠀ Source: /Twitter

Teens on Twitter immediately went mad for Alex’s Bieber-esque good looks, and the hashtag #AlexFromTarget began to trend worldwide as the meme spread.

Alex himself eventually copped to it:

Now a marketing firm called Breakr is trying to claim all responsibility for the meme going viral, saying the whole thing was set up to prove the power of teen girls on Twitter.

In a LinkedIn post, Breakr CEO Dil-Domine Jacobe Leonares claimed the company discovered the photo after it was originally tweeted by the user @auscalum – then, Breakr asked popular users in their ‘Twitter network’ to add fuel to the fire in the hopes of it going viral.


@auscalum and Alex himself have since tweeted that they are not employed by Breakr, and have no knowledge of the company.

According to Buzzfeed, most of the popular Twitter users and YouTubers Leonares has named as ‘working’ with the company to spread the Alex meme have denied any involvement.

When asked by Buzzfeed if Breakr was actually claiming responsibility for the meme, Leonares said it was “all a chain reaction that Breakr happened to be a part of.” So no, then?

Well, whatever happened, it certainly worked – because if this tweet is anything to go by, Alex is probably going to be on Ellen. Well done, everyone. Well done.

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