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7 Alive-O songs from primary school that are still absolute bangers
CONNECTED! Connected! You and I connected!

FOR AN IRISH primary school kid, hearing the intro to the Alive-O CD meant one thing - serious tuneage with a religious slant.

And those tunes still hold up today. Unfortunately, not many of them are available to listen to online (boo) but their memory lives on in our hearts forever.

Circle Of Friends

nenaghcbsp / YouTube

An uplifting song that managed to be absolutely devastating due to the morose delivery of the children singing it.

“You have friends, you are not alone.” Are we though? Are we?

The Lost Sheep

Advent_Jnr_Inf DublinDiocese DublinDiocese


This was all about a poor little lamb getting lost in a wood, the thought of which once made this staffer cry. Crack this one out at the next sing song and watch the tears flow freely.



Connected! Connected! You and I connected!

Connected by what? Why, God’s love, of course. This is still influencing us, even to this day:

This Is The Day

St_Paul DublinDiocese DublinDiocese

“Sing! Sing! Sing Alleluia, this is the dayyyyy the Looooord has maaaaade…”

Can only be sung in a roar. The best and most enthusiastic Alive-O singers did a little jump at the “Dance! Dance!” part.

A Song To Saint Brigid

xxxteresameehan1xxx / YouTube

All we have left of A Song To Saint Brigid is this adorable little girl singing it. You are quite literally doing the Lord’s work, little girl.

Barukh Ata Adonai Eloheinu

Advent_Snr_Inf DublinDiocese DublinDiocese

For some reason, Alive-O saw fit to teach First Class pupils a bit of Hebrew, resulting in tiny children bellowing “BARUKH ATA ADONAI ELOHEINU!” (“Blessed Are You, Lord Our God”) to a funky beat. Made sense at the time.

Body Clock

Omlhl Imgur Yes, that's a little egg and sperm on the cover of an Alive-O book Imgur

As well as being a belter, this one actually taught us a bit about the complex nature of biology. My body has a timer, you say? One that doesn’t hang on the wall or sit on a shelf? You’re having a laugh.

What was your favourite Alive-O song? Tell us in the comments.

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