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14 things you'll remember if you went to an all-girls school

Rolling up skirts, periods, and fancying male teachers.

IT IS A sad truth that girls are at their bitchiest during their teen years, therefore going to an all-girls secondary school can be challenging, to say the least.

We might as well get that out of the way.  Many teenage girls go through a horrible phase during which they make each others’ lives hell.

Aside from that, however, anyone who went to an all-girls secondary school will remember…

Fancying every male teacher

Even if they weren’t remotely attractive.


Judging people who rolled up their skirts


Judging people who didn’t roll up their skirts


Getting involved in the school play despite not having any interest because it meant linking up with the local boys school


Talking about periods

A lot.


Sitting out of PE because ‘it was your time of month’

Even if it wasn’t.  And even if it was but it didn’t have any effect on your PE doing abilities.


Thinking the 6th year girls were the height of glam


The absolute hysteria when the local boys school visited


The excitement of a day out at any event at which there would be boys

The Higher Options conference, for example.


Writing ‘I heart [insert boy's name here]‘ on everything you could write on

And indeed writing nasty notes.



Nuns at family reunion Burns Library, Boston College Burns Library, Boston College

Jewellery becoming deeply important because it was your only available expression of style


Having to abide by silly uniform rules but pushing things as far as you could

Even if that meant the head teacher would stop you in the corridor with makeup remover and force you to take it off then and there.


One particular style of shoes being the only ones acceptable

If you weren’t wearing them you weren’t cool, or even remotely fashionable.


Did you go to an all-boys school?  Your memories are to follow!

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