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Spring Dew via Flickr Bath or shower? This, and other pressing questions in the alternative census
alternative census

Alternative census aims to find out what really matters to Irish people

Tea or coffee, bath or shower and have you ever bitten someone? Just some of the questions in the alternative census.

This Sunday 10 April we’re all being asked to take a snapshot of our lives and fill in the census.

The Central Statistics Office has the marathon task of gauging the needs of the nation based on where and how we live our lives. You’ll be asked to answer questions like:

Where do you usually live?


What type of sewerage facility does your accommodation have?

while the inquisitive question number one which simply asks:


But never fear, there is an outlet for your pent up frustration at trying to figure out how old your dwelling is. Today FM’s Ray D’Arcy Show has devised an ‘alternative census‘, which it says is an antidote to the “monotonous and compulsory” official form.

The alternative census will get to the heart of issues like ‘do people prefer boxers or y-fronts?’ Or is their crisp of choice ‘Tayto or King?’.

Try it out for yourself >