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This domino effect music video will blow your mind
One thing really does lead to another!

MOST OF THE time these days, music videos focus on someone sexy doing sexy things to look sexy.

However, occasionally, someone gets creative and something really amazing happens.

That is the case for the video for A-Trak and Tommy Trash’s song ‘Tuna Melt’.  Never heard the song?  It doesn’t matter.

Feast your eyes on the wonder of a long and complex domino effect.


Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking.  That can’t be real, can it?  How cynical the internet has made us, eh?

Fortunately in this case, there’s evidence which shows that it actually happened just as you hope it did.

Here’s the behind the scenes proof.


Can you imagine the fear of accidentally setting it off before the camera was rolling?

The guy who helped them with this video calls himself The Kinetic King, and set-ups like this are his speciality.

He’s a bit of a character.  Check him out here going for a Guinness World-Record stick bomb.

YouTube/Kinetic King

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