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This banana art will blow your mind

Yes, banana art. No, that’s not a euphemism.

EVERY HEARD OF banana art?  Us neither. In fact, until today, we didn’t even know it was a thing.

But it is, and it’s actually a pretty cool thing.

Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada carves faces and designs into bananas and then posts photos of them online.  He has to work quickly so that he can get the job done before the banana goes off, and his work doesn’t last long but boy is it impressive.

A8WGUL3CYAAbY9V Source: Twitter

BSwjKkWCYAAVbgq Source: Twitter

BPibfKICAAEGo9X Source: Twitter

BKjn73YCMAEB1ac Source: Twitter

BHlKyTQCUAARgQJ Source: Twitter


BC6tmVlCEAIeSPB Source: Twitter

You can see more of Keisuke’s work via his Twitter account.

Can’t say we really feel like eating a banana now though…

H/T to Kotaku.

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