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7 insanely cool office spaces from around the world

How are you even supposed to work in these? Too amazing.

YOU CAN’T JUST have a normal old office any more, you know. You have to go bigger.

Regular old cubicles are not for these companies, which forgo the water coolers for slides, tree houses and meeting rooms straight out of your childhood imagination.

We’d be surprised if the employees even bothered going home, to be honest.

Missing Link, Johannesburg

The presentation and conference organising company doesn’t have an office, it has a playground.

IMG_6007-500x373 Source: Office Snapshots

IMG_97533-500x748 Source: Office Snapshots

The office even has its own free tattoo parlour, Missing Ink. See what they did there?

IMG_2204 Source: Office Snapshots

Mind Candy, London

This place is responsible for the game Moshi Monsters (ask your kids) – it has a tree house theme, with plenty of the little critters popping up around the place.

moshimonsters Source: Lingjuli

moshimonsters1 Source: Lingjuli

Air BnB, Dublin

The newly set-up Dublin office has an “Irish pub” theme, with old telephone boxes and a “bar”. SO swanky.



Selgas Cano Architecture, Madrid

Since this is an architecture firm, we’d expect something fancy – but this fairytale forest office is just beyond anything we’ve ever seen before.

crazy-office-building Source: Weakstream

selgascano_2 The view from inside Source: Wordpress

Google, Zurich

OK, so Google have cool offices all over the globe but we’re singling out Zurich for special treatment. Look at these meeting rooms.

5074365324_b4060bf1ef_b Source: Flickr/Marcin Wichary

5073760175_d8a4c5d64e_b Source: Flickr/Marcin Wichary

Pixar, California

If the headquarters of a company that is responsible for so many wonderful children’s films didn’t look the part, we’d be disappointed. Good thing it definitely does.

pixar0 Source: Office Snapshots

Here’s a closer look at one of the little houses, called “Andy’s Room”:

7842872830_7fb7960e88_z Source: Flickr/Nicki Dugan Pogue

Inventionland Design Factory, Pittsburgh

Inventionland is, as you might have guessed, an invention factory in the US of A.

It contains some of the most ridiculous offices you’ll ever see, such as this pirate ship office:

i9 Source: Office Snapshots

And this race track office:

i1 Source: Office Snapshots

This is too much. This would just be distracting.

Yes. We’ll keep telling ourselves that.

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