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US ambulance crew break car window to rescue baby doll

They thought it was a real baby, you see.

babydoll Source: CBS New York

A US AMBULANCE crew were left red-faced earlier this week after they frantically smashed a car window to rescue a helpless baby…doll.

New Jersey woman Kitty Mieles had left her young granddaughter’s doll in her parked car when a passing Good Samaritan mistook it for a real child and called 911.

According to CBS New York, emergency services arrived on the scene and promptly smashed the window to rescue the ‘child’, who was strapped into a car seat.

Mieles explained that her granddaughter had placed the doll (named Todd) into the car seat before Mieles left for work.

smashedwindow Source: CBS New York

Thomas Molta, president of the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp, told ABC News:

I saw pictures of the doll and it looked real. I’ve got 34 years’ experience in Emergency Medical Services and I probably would have broken the window too.

The emergency workers have apologised for smashing the car window, and the city have offered to pay to replace it.

Mieles herself has promised not to leave extremely life-like baby dolls in her locked car ever again. Seems fair.

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