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8 American imports every Irish 90s kid wanted to eat

Or our fantasy diet, more like.

REMEMBER AS A kid, growing up watching American TV, hearing all the references you didn’t quite understand?

Characters in our favourite 90s programmes were constantly talking about foodstuffs we hadn’t seen hide nor hair of in Ireland. But we did know one thing – we wanted them. We WANTED them.

1. Twinkies

Remember in Grease when Marty said “Twinkies and wine? Oh, that’s real class, Jan”? Well to us, Twinkies WERE class.

Source: Ghostbusters.net

If you ever eventually got your hands on one, you’ll know they’re actually an abomination – but they were the ultimate unattainable ambrosia to Irish kids watching telly in the 90s.

Source: Christian Cable

2. Mountain Dew

Mysterious green liquid. We were happy with Cadet bottles and our TK Red Lemonade back in the day, but this fizzy elixir was still totally intriguing.

Source: SeeMidTN.com (aka Brent)

You can get these in Ireland nowadays, but we’ve been hankering after one ever since Homer chose a crab juice from the Klav Kalash vendor over some Dew.

Source: simpsonsscreenshots

3. Oreos

Whenever an American TV character referred to biscuits as “cookies” and insisted eating them with a glass of milk instead of a cup of tea, we were always a bit baffled. But also, curious as to what those little brown biccies were.

Source: Pshykicks

4. Yoohoo

Ah sure it was just a fancier Yank version of Yazoo. After all that wondering.

Source: attercop311

Source: tvdays

5. Lucky Charms

Cruelly snatched away from Irish shops at some point in the early 90s. Never to return, but flaunted in our face on our favourite programmes. Still hurts.

Source: queercatkitten

6. Fluff

Peanut butter was also a highly alien concept in some 90s Irish households, but not as much as SPREADABLE MARSHMALLOWS.

Source: Javcon117*

7. “Jelly”

They meant “jam”. But, if you were anything like some DailyEdge.ie staffers, you assumed for years that Americans were shoving some dessert set jelly into sandwiches.

Source: Bob.Fornal

8. Kool-Aid

And we STILL haven’t got Kool-Aid in Ireland.

Source: jbcurio

Source: blogspot

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