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Americans living in Ireland provide perfect GIFs to demonstrate their experiences
What exactly are ‘tracksuit bottoms’.

WE ALL KNOW that there can sometimes be a breakdown in communication between us and our American pals across the Atlantic.

If we travel to the US to visit, words like ‘fanny’ or ‘wagon’ or ‘boot’ can lead to some confusion and amusement.

Similarly, our US friends who come here might have a hard time adjusting to our ways and our sayings.

Two American girls who are spending some time in Ireland and England have decided to create a blog (humorously titled What Should We Call Tracksy Bottoms?) to demonstrate how they’re learning about how we do things here, and they’re providing the most perfect accompanying GIFs.

Things like….

Watching a match in an Irish pub when it was the World Cup:


When it’s GAA


When I try to fit in by making a joke about Cork being the real capital only to realise I’m talking to someone from Dublin


When everyone else is prepared for rain except me


Trying to talk about the weather when I still don’t understand Celsius


It’s only a fledgling blog, but we look forward to many more insights from their adventures.

H/T @Guiliu53

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