Dublin: 17 °C Tuesday 4 October, 2022

Think it's chilly in Ireland? Here's what they're dealing with in the States

America’s toilets are literally freezing.

WE MAY CONSTANTLY talk about the weather here but it’s pure mild in comparison to the states. Parts of the midwest and northern plains are currently under a few feet of snow, topped up with Arctic winds that are facilitating the lowest temperatures in about two decades. Basically, it’s brass monkeys.

Our fierce nip in the air doesn’t seem so bad now, DOES IT?

Spare a thought for this lot.

1. This state that has just given up altogether

jUxRCuf Source: Imgur

2. This toilet that can’t function with the cold

UoHSeMp Source: Imgur

3. This bin man who still has to work

OTeVvTR Source: Imgur

4. This bubble that just can’t cope

oNlTgVO Source: Imgur

But never fear, most are doing well, like

5. This considerate postman

OIPeFLT Source: Imgur

6. This crafty tree recycler

rlI78es Source: Imgur

7. This kid who brought snow in to avoid the harsh conditions outside

X2Q3PaW Source: Imgur

8. These corgis that are following the leader

ZVfsM4A Source: Imgur

9. This dog that’s all prepared for -30 temperatures

bqRp0mS Source: Imgur

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