Dublin: 7 °C Sunday 26 March, 2023

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February 2023
# beast from the east
Weather phenomenon behind 2018 'Beast from the East' could bring heavy snow this month
Meteorologists forecast a sudden stratospheric warming event, though a cold snap is not guaranteed.
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# Blizzard
At least 47 killed after 'worst storm' in almost half a century hits US northeast coast
Much of the eastern United States is expected to remain in a deep freeze until tomorrow at least.
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# Big Freeze
'Risk to life' warning issued in UK as snow forces motorists to abandon cars and pupils to stay in school
Temperatures dropped as low as -15.4 in the Scottish Highlands last night.
# Big Freeze
Lessons learned from 2010 snow meant we had more than enough salt for the Beast
Salt supplies are stocked up at off-peak time to ensure Ireland is always ready to tackle icy roads.
# The Beast
Here are the plans in place to get Ireland through Storm Emma
The National Emergency Coordination Group said there may be a Status Red warning later this week.
# Big Freeze
Connacht brave sub-zero temperatures to secure bonus-point win in Siberia
Job done for Pat Lam’s men in Krasnoyarsk.
# Snow Joke
This was the scene in Ireland four years ago today
The big freeze of 2010.
# Looking Back
Grand mild out, isn't it? ... Well, here's what Dublin looked like --- four years ago
The snows started falling on this day four years ago, capping what was the coldest November period on record and heralding the start of the ‘Big Freeze’.
# winter is coming
How prepared is Ireland for another big freeze?
No one needs to panic – we have more than enough salt this time.
# Big Freeze
11 things we can expect this winter if Ireland experiences another 'big freeze'
# Big Freeze
Rates freeze would see 'return to bustling main streets'
Call on newly-elected councillors to drive recovery in “busy main streets”.
# poo-ple rain
Ad agency denies 'poo rain' seen flooding into office
What’s the opposite of Hallelujah?
# Baltic
Think it's chilly in Ireland? Here's what they're dealing with in the States
America’s toilets are literally freezing.
# big freeze 2010
Your 'Seems Like Lovely Weather for a Dip' Pics of the Day
Stay classy, Blessington Lakes…
# Big Freeze
Who remembers Ireland's 'Big Snow' of 1982?
Check out these vintage videos.
# Anniversary
Remember this? The first snow days of November 2010
As we look out the window of our Dublin HQ on this dark, windy evening, staff is reminiscing about last year’s Snovember.
# Your Say
Poll: Are you ready for snow?
Is this sunny weather lulling us into a false sense of security or are you getting prepared for more harsh weather conditions later this year?
# Let It Snow
NRA and Dublin City Council prepare for winter snow and ice
The National Roads Authority has said it has enough salt to cover roads for three normal seasons, while Dublin City Council are meeting tomorrow to discuss measures to ensure citizens are protected from any harsh conditions this winter.
# Brrrr
January will be the coldest month this winter - forecast
Irish Weather Online’s long-range forecaster Peter O’Donnell predicts a mixed bag of snow, rain and milder conditions this winter. Remember he was the guy who got it right last year?
# Health
Oxygen levels dropped dangerously at children's hospital
Medical Independent uncovers ‘near miss’ at Temple Street hospital when stocks ran low during the freezing conditions of last December.
# Insurance
FBD premium hikes expected after surge in weather claims
Announcing performance figures for 2010, the insurer says the level of weather claims will mean increased premiums in 2011.
# Ryanair
Ryanair reports surprise €10m loss after snow cancellations
Higher fuel costs, industrial action and snow cancellations see Ryanair lose €10m in the three months to December 31.
# Brrr
Dempsey says Ireland's snow response 'better than Europe'
The Transport Minister tells the Dáil he thinks Ireland’s local authorities handled the big freeze better than others.
# Brrr
It’s back: snow to return across Ireland tonight
Munster and south Leinster will see the return of the dreaded white stuff, after overnight temperatures dropped to -6.8°C.
# Brrr
Sub-zero temperatures strike again
Brrr… time to wrap up as freezing weather continues.
# Brrr
Dublin Airport closed until 5am as chaos continues
The main runway at Ireland’s biggest airport freezes over again, causing further headaches for tens of thousands.
# Brrr
Airports work to clear backlog as sub-zero temperatures go on
Aer Lingus and Ryanair both claim to be working at almost full capacity, with Ryanair putting on extra flights tomorrow.
# Brrr
Dublin Bus to cease routes at 10pm tonight
# Off! Off! Off!
Big Freezes takes toll: some of the sport is off
No, not THAT kind of “off”. Navan’s races are on, but UK meetings suffer, as do two Premier League games and some rugby.
# Brrr
Transport chaos looms as cold weather returns
Sub-zero temperatures return and public transport is hit – while local authorities admit that salt supplies are running low.
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Poll: Are our local authorities doing enough to keep us moving?
Are you happy with how your local authority has acted to keep you moving – or do you think they could do more?