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Hubes and Drico

Is this what Brian and Amy's baby will look like?

Will Amy Huberman and Brian O’Driscoll have the funniest, most talented child ever?

(Slightly terrifying) image via

THE DELIGHTFUL NEWS emerged over the weekend that actress and author Amy Huberman and rugby star and all-round good guy Brian O’Driscoll are expecting their first baby.

We’ve conducted a very scientific experiment (i.e. lobbed a few pictures up on in order to speculate wildly about what this superbaby might look like, and we’ve concluded that it will look like… er… a baby, depending on which pictures of its parents we choose to mash together.

Another potential Hubes and Drico baby (

Twitter was also full of speculation about what talents Baby Huberman-O’Driscoll might possess:

No pressure then tiny baby. No pressure at all.

Amy Huberman always thinks about Ronan O’Gara when in bed with Brian O’Driscoll>

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