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Here's why Amy Schumer should be your new favourite comedian

Meet the woman behind ALL those great sketches you’re seeing lately.

SHE’S DIRTY, SHE’S FUNNY and she’s not afraid of talking about the icky stuff - Amy Schumer is comedy’s new golden girl.

If you’re not already in love with her, just give us a minute to explain why you should be.

Who is Amy Schumer, anyway?

Variety's 3rd Annual Power Of Comedy Event - Los Angeles Source: AP/Press Association Images

She’s probably one of the most-talked about comedians in the world right now.

Schumer is famed for her honest, no-holds barred approach  - her sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, mostly takes the piss out of sex and gender.

Where did she even come from?

Schumer started doing stand-up in 2004, and picked up acting roles in shows like Girls, 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Inside Amy Schumer hit Comedy Central in 2012, and one of her first brushes with international fame came when this brilliant Aaron Sorkin parody went viral last year:

Source: Comedy Central/YouTube

Alright. Show me the funny.

The new third season of Inside Amy Schumer has been KILLING IT with the sketches.

yEDl3FvWSWsgLEXx7GnX_tumblr_n3bk8gQvh71qz8x31o1_500 Source: Fod4

There was the Friday Night Lights parody (“Clear eyes, full hearts, don’t rape”), the Last F**kable Day sketch starring a bevvy of Hollywood stars, and this amazing take on One Direction/beauty standards:

Source: Comedy Central/YouTube

Schumer’s feminist comedy is resonating hugely with the denizens of the internet right now. Tilda Swinton (yes, that Tilda Swinton) wrote about her for the TIME 100 list, and included this little poem:

Amy’s got your back.
She’s in your corner.
She’s an honesty bomb.
And she’s coming for you.

So how can I watch her stuff?

TIME 100 Gala - New York Source: AP/Press Association Images

Sketches generally go up on YouTube after airing, but you can watch the whole show every Monday at 10.30pm on Comedy Central. Set your Skybox to record.

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