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An ode to the humble Aran jumper

They’re the jumpers to beat all jumpers.

NOTHING SAYS AN Irish mammy dressed you like a lovely warm Aran jumper. A staple in the Irish wardrobe, these creamy delights are fast coming back into fashion. Well no, they never left.

Here’s just a few reasons why we love you, oh woolly cabled knits.

You’re SO WARM and cosy

Sturdy yet soft, the original fisherman’s jumper, you’re basically like being wrapped in pillows woven with the hair of angels.

tumblr_mhpphysmGt1qg9k3io1_500 Source: Tumblr

We’d wear you all over if we could.

il_570xN.333083497 Source: Etsy

You don’t discriminate, suiting the young AND the old

You’ve never gone out of style, for anyone.

90156217 Source: Photocall Ireland!

You’re full of symbolism

Each of your wondrous patterns mean something different.

The honeycomb stitch pattern is symbolic of the hard-working bee. A cabled jumper is a wish for safety and good luck for a fisherman when on the job.

Diamond knits hope for success and wealth, while the basket stitch symbolises the fisherman’s basket, wishing for a large haul.

6a00d83452e81569e2010536bc9631970b-800wi Source: Purlwise

Your cream colour is simple yet effective

No need for fan-fare.

tumblr_my8asuIXiH1qh9n5lo1_500 Source: Tumblr

You were featured in Vogue

Everyone knows this to be the ultimate seal of approval

adam-driver-daria-werbowy-vogue Source: Mediaite

You’re a big Hollywood star

Marilyn Monroe was a big fan and most recently, you had a cameo in Inside Llewyn Davis, fitting out the Irish band.

imagesild_02716_ct-1024x682 Source: Wordpress

Aran, never change

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