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9 furious thoughts everyone has had about their neighbours

With a little understanding….

1. Stop drilling and banging. STOP IT!

They’ve been putting in that new kitchen for 4 years. Every Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday the drilling and banging drives you to the point of insanity.

neighbour Source: Imgur

2. Move your car!

If you live on a street with limited parking but no designated spaced we know that you’ve mentally marked out the spot in front of your house.

That louser next door keeps parking in your space though, doesn’t he?

tumblr_inline_mzpfy8mzSR1s3v1h6 Source: Tumblr

3. Stop slamming your car door/beeping your horn!

These noises can become so irritating that they’re all that you can hear.

All other sound in the world is sucked into a vacuum and all that’s left on earth is you and you door-slamming, horn-beeping neighbour.

door Source: Imgur

4. Cut the grass!

5. I’m SO going to get you back

Your neighbours have been playing SingStar and butchering Madonna songs until 3am.


You’ve set your alarm for 7am so you can get up and do this:


6. I can hear everything


7. No really, EVERYTHING!

sex Source: Imgur

8. Shut your dog up

A barking dog is a valid motive for homicide in some cultures you know.

9. Everytime you leave your house the alarm goes off for 45 minutes

I’m close to the edge man, I’m not gonna lie.


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