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13 things everyone needs to stop doing on social media for 2015

Read it and weep. You can redeem yourself.

THIS YEAR FACEBOOK became the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered users. Twitter has over 280 million active users and Instagram has over 200 million. With this in mind, perhaps some ground rules should be set for 2015.

Onward and upward…

1. Fitting room selfies

These need to stop. They are not your clothes and we know you’re not buying them. People like you are the reason why queues for the fitting rooms are always so long.

Source: ReactionGifs

2. The friend cleanse status

Nobody is feeling lucky to have been spared if this is the extent of your status updates.


3. ‘From where I stand’ photos #fromwhereistand

So unless you walk around staring at the ground all day,  I am pretty sure that the view from where you stand is not your feet.

Source: Flickr

4. Announcing your every movement

WHO are you talking to? Be lonely on your own.

5. Sharing controversial posts on purpose

Some people have a habit of re-posting controversial videos and articles as a means of gaining some traction for themselves.

This is just questionably innovative attention seeking.

Source: dudelol.com

6. Going through the various stages of a break-up publicly

This one is tragic. Men and women alike are all guilty of this.

Stage 1: Removing the relationship status…*cringe*
Stage 2: Obsessive liking of mutual friends posts
Stage 3: Time to share some inspirational quotes
Stage 4: Illusive coffee date check-in (giving your friends the lowdown/your mam came to check on you)
Stage 5:  A minute-to-minute update of your night out with friends as a born again singleton
Stage 6: Declaring your rebound love

Please stop.

 8. The ‘oh yet another selfie’ selfie

This is when people who post too many selfies already start to acknowledge that fact and make a joke about it…while posting another selfie.

Stop that.

Source: Tumblr

9. Artistically revealing photos

It doesn’t matter what angle you mysteriously contort your body into, or what way you crop the photo, if it’s a revealing photo – it is what it is. Stop trying to deny it.

Source: ReactionGifs

10. Unnecessarily large group messages

These should be reserved for people you hate. Why would you intentionally put your friends through this nuisance?

If you value their friendship, take the time to talk to them personally. This also saves you the embarrassment of watching people ‘leave’ the conversation.

Source: ReactionGifs

11. Celebrating the amount of followers you have

Unless you want a swift mass exodus then I suggest you celebrate in silence.

Source: ReactionGifs

12. Updating your relationship status on a regular basis

We’re past this aren’t we? Save yourself the embarrassment and wait until you are married for this one.

Source: QuickMeme

13. Setting up accounts for your pets or babies

Pets and babies are helpless in this one. They can’t protect themselves. And as adorable as your babies drool is, we don’t need to see it. That’s for you.

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