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10 little things about going 'out out' that annoy every gal

You’d stay home, but you’re not a quitter.

HAVING FUN IS hard work. If you’re a gal who goes to daclurb, you’ve probably been mildly enraged by at least one of these things.

(Don’t worry guys, you’ll get your chance to vent soon.)

1. The goo that somehow gets all over your shoes

BUxhLrHCIAAvRZ2 Source: Twitter/@LaurenJMalcolm

A mixture of spilled drinks, general shoe dirt, and broken dreams that’s out to turn your lovely shoes a gungy black. Every time.

2. Taller people spilling drinks on your hair

9MklYBv Source: Imgur

And hair sticky with drink is just *shudders*

3. Lads trying to cut you off from your mates

giphy Source: Giphy

Who told you this was a good chat up move? It isn’t a good chat up move!

4. Piles of girls taking up cubicles for 15 minutes at a time

Pee and move on. PEE AND MOVE ON.

5. Looking in the mirror in the ladies’ and realising all your makeup has slid off your face

b6sbfxsiaaao4al Source: Wordpress

All that painstaking work, and the clammy nightclub air pulls the mascara right from your eyelashes.

6. Chancing not bringing flats, then dying standing up in your heels

My feet are still recovering from Vegas. #ouch #animalprint #stilettos #onlyinvegas #sorefeet #soreheels #myvegasheels #needafootrub Source: Instagram/kodyikm

We know that successfully wearing a pair of heels through predrinks (with frequent spells of sitting down) does not mean you’ll last the night in them. But we choose to ignore it, time and again.

7. Stairs

giphy Source: Giphy

How we wish for a bungalow-like club. “Hang on now, give me five minutes to tip toe down the stairs to the dancefloor, lest I trip in my heels and fall on my snout.”

8. Gettings bits of damp toilet paper crusted into your shoes

A gal’s shoestake a hell of a beating on a night out. No idea why we haven’t yet graduated to wearing a good sturdy pair of Caterpillars to the club.

9. Your pals deciding that actually, they don’t want any post-club food

我宣布今日係麥樂雞日! Today is McNUGGETS day @McDonalds #mcdonalds #mcdonaldshk #mcnuggets #麥當勞 #麥樂雞 Source: Instagram/pakkioscar

RUDE. What about the nuggets?

10. And the STINK of your clothes and hair the next day

600 Source: Replygif

All the Febreeze in the world couldn’t set this right.

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