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The 14 most annoying things about being vegetarian

Go on, ask me if I wear leather shoes ONE MORE TIME.

1. This question

Over and over.

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2. The same vegetarian ‘option’ in EVERY restaurant

Seriously, restaurants. There’s only so much goat’s cheese tart you can eat.


3. Concerned relatives thinking you REQUIRE meat to survive

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4. People getting all defensive when you reveal your eating preference

When you honestly couldn’t care less.


5. And striving to find ‘contradictions’ in your beliefs

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6. This just not being a vegetable, no matter how much waiters try to convince you.

See also: “chicken”.


7. Disappointing fake meat

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8. Smug non-vegetarians

9. And competitive fellow vegetarians


10. Occasional secret bacon cravings

One for the former meat-eaters, this.


11. People making this face when you say ‘tofu’

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12. The eternal hell of buffets


13. Even delicious, innocent-seeming snacks being out of bounds

Um, back to the bacon again.


14. And just when you’re feeling smug about a meat scandal…

… just when your whole outlook seems to be validated by the universe…

… something like this happens.

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