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11 unforgivable Twitter crimes that totally deserve an unfollow

If any of these are clogging up your Twitter timeline, do not hesitate. Unfollow.

WHILE TWITTER IS great and wonderful and life-changing and all that, it has bred a whole new way of being mind-blowingly annoying.

We are in no way saying that we’re not guilty of these things ourselves. But we’re all better than this. All of us.


There is no subtle way of calling someone out, even without naming names, on Twitter. Everybody knows. Everybody. And they’re hating you for it.



The practise of favouriting a tweet in which you are openly criticised, or favouriting a sub-tweet you just KNOW is about you.

The Twitter equivalent of saying “YEAH WELL YER MA” to an insult.

Come_at_me_bro1 Nocookie Nocookie


Tweet-vomiting your bad date or your night out or your doctor’s visit or your breakup – it’s cathartic, yes, but get a blog or tell your mam or your dog or anyone, anyone but your followers.

tumblr_inline_mgdvjvhN301rbf627 Tumblr Tumblr


You want to let people know you’re a big deal, but you want to be cool about it, too.


Tweeting or retweeting inspirational quotes

It’s annoying on Facebook, so it’s only logical that it would also be annoying on Twitter.

This can also be a form of sub-tweeting, and is most likely accompanied by an unacceptable amount of hashtags. Speaking of which…

Too many hashtags

#girl #ireland #pink #friends #bestfriends


What could this possibly ACHIEVE? Please. We don’t understand.

Hashtagging unnecessary words

There’s too many hashtags, and then there’s hashtagging random words within your sentence.



One big long hashtag that’s impossible to read

one longhashtag

tumblr_m12em4cckA1qmugt5o1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

Now please. That’s just not fair.

Addressing Twitter at large


tumblr_myzrc5WrSJ1qalhmdo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr


tumblr_n0wf11gQN61qf4ywho1_500 Tumblr Tumblr


We see you there, joke-stealer. We know you saw that on your travels around the internet and took it for your own. You can’t sit with us.



tumblr_inline_mi468kAqw01qz4rgp Tumblr Tumblr

Putting the dot before someone’s name in a reply

This is not the worst thing, we concede. But when it’s done specifically to highlight how funny or insightful you think you’re being in a reply to a semi-private conversation, it’s awful.


“Thanks for the follow @newfollower”

Just unnecessary.


Yes. That’s right. Don’t even go there.

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