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14 struggles only people called Aoife will truly understand

Shout out all the Ayoofs.

OK. First, let’s get things straight. Aoife is a lovely name. A beautiful Irish name with a rich heritage.

It is also, at times, a MASSIVE PAIN IN THE HOLE.

Mainly, obviously, when you go abroad

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And you kind of know what’s coming even before it happens

But also… sometimes at home

Honestly, it can be easier to fake it

@aoife_unedited @aoife_unedited

For the manglings of Aoife are a rich and varied tapestry.

There’s ‘Ah-woof’

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And even occasionally ‘Alfie’.

@aoife_graham @aoife_graham

Eonline Eonline

Plus many, many more.

Even when people Google it, they get it wrong.

There’s also the ‘Eva’ thing.

Associated Press Associated Press

Which again… sometimes it’s easier just to go with.

Oh, and then there’s this conversation.

…- Yes, it is a name

- Yes, it is weird

And let’s not even talk about  how you could never get keyrings with your name on on holiday

irina slutsky irina slutsky

Really, it’s no surprise that Aoifes resort to things like this.


Is anyone else named after Aífe, the greatest woman warrior in the world and mother to Cú Chulainn’s son Connla?

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No, they’re not.

Does any other name have an actual DEDICATED INTERNATIONAL FANBASE, because it’s kind of weird and unusual?

No, they don’t.

(Hardly any, anyway)

Aoife forever!

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This article was compiled with the help and assistance of Aoifes. Thank you to them all. We hope we have fairly represented your #strug.

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