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From Doris has had its day, as new research reveals which baby names are going 'extinct' in Ireland Howiya Now Cyril

Doris has had its day, as new research reveals which baby names are going 'extinct' in Ireland

A study of Irish birth records by Ancestry revealed which names have fallen from usage since 1917.

Anyone with an Irish name will understand Chrissy Teigen's silence while the world butchered her surname

Hey, people, learn to pronounce non-English names.

An Irish photographer tested a British model on Irish names, and it went as well as you'd expect

‘Where’s the ‘v’? Where’s the ‘v’?’

There is an alternative name spelling generator which is absolutely butchering Irish names

We regret to inform you that ‘Syllyan’ is not an acceptable alternative for Cillian.

Domhnall Gleeson getting fed up with people spelling his name wrong is *extremely* relatable

He is speaking on behalf of everyone with an ‘unusual’ name.

Can You Spell These Tricky Irish Names?

It’s tougher than it looks.

7 things all Declans need to know

You’re growing in power, Declans.

10 struggles that are too real for people with surnames as Gaeilge

Spell ‘Ó Flaithbheartaigh’ right the first time. We dare you.

14 things you'll know if you grew up with an unusual name

No souvenir keychains for you :(

This picture completely sums up the struggle of being called 'Niamh' abroad

Anything that makes life easier, we guess.

8 struggles all Sadhbhs know to be true

It’s tough out there.

7 struggles only people with a fada in their name will understand

Tis a constant uphill battle.

9 struggles people with the surname 'Murphy' will understand

It’s not easy, you know.

8 struggles only lads called Niall will understand

“Nigel? Neil? Noel?”

8 struggles every Fionnuala must put up with

Is it… Fiona?

9 of the hardest things about being called Caoimhe

Quee-va or Kee-va?

9 reasons having the name Sinéad is a constant struggle

Crying for all the Sineads.

12 struggles only people called Áine will understand

A constant ánnoyance.

11 struggles only people called Róisín will understand

A constant disappointment.

14 struggles only people called Aoife will truly understand

Shout out all the Ayoofs.

A Definitive List Of The 10 Sexiest Irish Men's Names

Is your name on the list?

What Is Your True Irish Name?

From now on, you must demand to be known as such.

The 11 worst things about having an Irish name abroad

Calling all Raisins, Osheens and Owfes.

14 Irish baby names the world really needs to know about

Calling all Sadhbhs, Iarlas and Naoises!

18 of the hardest Irish names to have abroad

This one goes out to all the Baldricks, Tykes and Chivonnes.

Can You Guess The Meaning Of These Old Irish Names?

Do you know your Diarmuids from your Tadhgs? Take this quiz and find out.

The Americans at Buzzfeed tried their best to pronounce Tadgh, Róisín and Niamh

“I don’t even know what A’s are anymore”

Nobody in the UK can pronounce 'Oisín' and it's driving Irish people mad

Top Gear presenter Oisín Tymon’s name has been the source of great confusion for British media.

VIDEO: How to pronounce Siobhán That's Not My Name This post contains videos

VIDEO: How to pronounce Siobhán

It’s just like “Susan”, right?

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