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Apple's live stream had problems and people went absolutely bonkers

Oh, Apple.

The 1996-era screen Apple inexplicably displayed before the event began

TONIGHT, APPLE announced two new iPhones in what they called the “biggest advancement” of the handset yet.

They broadcast the launch event worldwide via the Apple website, with a string of stringent conditions: you could only watch using their own Safari browser, among other things.

There was just one problem. It kept breaking.

Some people couldn’t see it at all.

And for lots of the people who DID see it, there was a mysterious woman dubbing Tim Cooks in another language. There was confusion about whether it was Chinese or Japanese.

In the end, lots of people forgot about the iPhone and were speculating about the future of one Apple employee in particular.

Basically, this was the sentiment.

Luckily, a guy then appeared in an eccentric scarf.

And everyone kind of forgot about it again.

And the problems were resolved. Mostly.

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