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# can't touch this
Some iPhone 6 screens have been made useless because of 'touch disease'
The hardware problem is preventing some iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ screen from working properly.
# gimme gimme gimme
The wait is over: Apple fans sleep out and queue to get their hands on new iPhones
The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are being released today.
# ring ring
Apple has announced two new iPhones
There’s also a giant iPad on the way.
# shiny and new
Here's what tech experts think the new iPhone will be like
What features would you like to see?
# tick tick tick
There wasn't a mention of Apple Watch sales by Tim Cook today
The company is still a money-generating machine of course.
# 100% science
This guy dropped an iPhone 6 into a lava lamp and things got weird
Weird and a little explosive.
# bathroom break
So THAT'S why they made the iPhone 6 so big
It all makes sense now.
# padded out
Apple is offloading heaps of iPhones, but is the iPad's day done?
Smartphone sales were worth over half the company’s income in the last three months.
# Trends
A shop in China is selling the iPhone 6, and has a tailor to make pants pockets bigger
It’s obviously a publicity stunt – so, is it working?
# hot property
A man is offering to trade his house for an iPhone 6
The house won’t sell, so he’ll just take an iPhone 6, thank you very much.
# splash the cash
An alleged iPhone 6 prototype is currently selling for €48,800 on eBay
The prototype, which runs Apple’s diagnostic mode, was accidentally sent to a customer by US mobile phone network Verizon, and has been put up for sale on eBay.
# hairgate
People are now claiming that the iPhone 6 rips their hair out
Be careful out there.
# The Bends
These bent posters for the iPhone 6 are all kinds of unfortunate
#Bendgate just won’t die.
# bendgate
Here's what happens when you try to bend a Nokia 3310
As you’d expect.
# Wanted
People are trying to smuggle hundreds of iPhone 6s into China
Some Apple fans don’t want to wait for the new device.
# Ouch
The iPhone 6 got publicly dissed by the president of Turkey
First world leader to say it’s overhyped? Maybe.
# Prime Numbers
Twink, McNulty, and the iPhone 6: The week in numbers
Plus: How many pigs are there in Ireland?
# Oh The Humanity
People are actually complaining that the iPhone 6 is 'too big to watch porn discreetly'
# bendgate
This 'Samsung' response to the bendy iPhone is just perfect
Well played, well played.
# want
12 things you can buy instead of the iPhone 6
You could get an iPhone 6 or you could get THOUSANDS of Animal Bars.
# ios8
9 people who have completely lost perspective about iOS 8
It’s a hard world for people who’ve updated.
# Problem solved
This enterprising Dubliner is selling a crucial iPhone 6 repair kit
*slow clap*
# Facepalm
LAPD are actually warning iPhone users not to microwave their phone
Yes, really.
# bendgate
Spoof Apple iPhone ad introduces '#bendgate' as a new feature
“Its carbon fibre case allows it to bend over six degrees so you can enjoy your phone the way you want it.”
# all thumbs
Having trouble scrolling on your giant new iPhone 6? Buy a 'thumb extender'
# get bent
The new iPhone 6 is bending in people's pockets
It already has a name: #Bendgate.
# iphone problems
16 constant struggles only iPhone obsessives will understand
Charge fast, die faster.
# drop it like it's hot
People are doing drop tests with the new iPhone 6
Yes, already.
# Pre-order
Here's what the new iPhones will cost in Ireland
All the networks are offering them on 24-month contracts.
# inbox me
The Briefcase: Double Irish with a twist of Keynsian economics and... new iPhones OMG OMG!
This was the week in business.
# under cover
11 of the best disguises for the iPhone 6
What do you want yours to look like?
# strewth
First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth drops it immediately
Our nerves.
# Ah here
People are queueing for the iPhone 6 - a LOT of people
Lads, it’s just a phone.
# spot 4 sale
Homeless charity auctions off spot in iPhone 6 queue
# iphone 6
7 preposterous revelations from the iPhone 6 reviews
We have officially lost the run of ourselves.
# apple live
Apple's live stream had problems and people went absolutely bonkers
Oh, Apple.
# iphone 6
U2 to perform at the launch of the iPhone 6
Apple is expected to launch a range of new products today – and Bono’s is said to be involved.
# iphone 6
7 people who really need to chill out about the iPhone 6
Seriously guys.
# iphone 6
U2 agent: 'Not aware' of any plans to release new album on iPhone 6
But speculation continues about a possible marketing tie-in.
# iphone 6
People are ALREADY queueing for the new iPhone in New York
No, we don’t know when it is being released. No, it hasn’t been announced yet.