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Gotcha: Here's a handful of April Fool's jokes from today to make you giggle (or groan)
Been fooled yet today?
From the Good Drying Index to trackable seagulls:'s April Fools greatest hits
In case you haven’t been keeping track, today is 1 April.
MPs to debate reversing Brexit next Monday, after 5.7m people sign petition
The British government responded to the petition by saying that revoking Article 50 would “undermine our democracy”.
Here's 8 of the most enjoyable April Fools' pranks of 2018
Caught rapid.
9 celebrities who decided to really go for it on April Fools' Day
To varying degrees of success, mind.
Here's What Happened Today: Saturday
Rescue 116′s flight recorders, the search for a body in Finglas and a landslide in Colombia…
Kildare news outlet issues apology for 'Paddy Jihaddy' April Fools' Day joke
KildareNow has said that the article was not posted by a member of its editorial team.
Here are the best Irish April Fools' Day pranks so far
Have you been taken in by any of them?
The 'Supermac's in Coppers' April Fools' joke is something that actually needs to happen
Please, please, please, let us get what we want.
Google's April Fools' joke involving minions has seriously backfired
Replacing an important button with a Send + minion GIF. What could possibly go wrong?
'I thought April Fools’ Day was the other week' - Preston boss on striker's Irish links
Joe Garner is in fine form, having managed 20 goals in League One this season.
A Maths lecturer pulled a brilliant video projector stunt on his students
New Zealand radio hosts asked the whole country to help them prank their colleagues
Very sneaky.
This girl's April Fools' joke backfired in the worst way possible
Probably best not to joke in matters of the heart.
9 of the most embarrassingly bad April Fools' jokes of 2015
Please. No more.
15 of the most enjoyable April Fools' Day pranks of 2015
Gold star, everybody.
This Dublin takeaway's elaborate April Fools' gag is completely brilliant
“Food is fast enough.”
US radio station plays excellent April Fool's prank on their Facebook fans
It’s an April Fool’s prank with a lesson.
Here are the cruel pranks people played on their families for April Fools
Which is your favourite?
8 people who got April Fooled today
The victims get a voice.
Not An April Fool: NGOs share unbelievable facts
A dozen non-governmental organisations tweeted on the topics of homelessness, emigration, and adult literacy.
You're not the only one who hates April Fool's Day
There are other people as dried up and humourless as you. We say that with love.
Irish girls play extremely elaborate April Fool's prank on roommate
Is she the worst roommate ever, or the BEST?
Clare People front page splash causes panic about the Cliffs of Moher
Now that’s what we call an April Fool.
A Definitive Ranking of Ireland's April Fools' Day Pranks
A blue cheese easter egg. Really?
Google Maps' addictive new game lets you catch wild Pokémon in Ireland
You’ve got to be the very best, like no one ever was.
The 'Charlie Bit My Finger' boys are all grown up
Plus, bonus unseen footage.
Google Nose and 15 other April Fool's Day jokes
For the day that’s in it.
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Our nightly round-up of the day’s main news, and the bits-and-pieces you might have missed…
Round-up: The best of today's April Fool's Day stories
Twitter’s going down to 133 characters; Skype has solved the difficulty of poor coverage… and Bertie’s moving to Nigeria.
Who's fooling who? The PR rush on April 1
Never mind the media – companies and brands have been trying to pull the wool over for a bit of publicity today… so here it is.
Is Paul Gogarty an (April) Fool?
Go-Go “launches his new single” on RTE Radio – it is an April Fool’s joke, right?