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April fool's drools

You're not the only one who hates April Fool's Day

There are other people as dried up and humourless as you. We say that with love.

IS THE CONSTANT stream of hilarious “jokes” today getting you down? Is seeing every company and business in Ireland trying to do a ‘goofy’ prank driving you up the wall?

You’re not alone. A surprising amount of (largely soulless) people actually hate April Fool’s Day.

Think there’s only a Christmas Grinch? You’re wrong

People are convinced none of the pranks are funny (they’re wrong, by the way)

Others even have violent feelings towards the whole thing

Actually, we may just agree with Kaylz here. MORE PANCAKES

How are you bearing up? Remember, as of noon today it’s no longer OK to be posting April Fool’s jokes. So do feel free to give anyone who does so a hearty telling off.

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