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Are You A Foodie, Really?

Sure, you might call yourself a ‘foodie’ in your Twitter bio, but are you really?

foodie Source: Amy Kellog/Flickr

First of all, how often do you Instagram your meals?
Every time I eat out.
Only if it's *especially* pleasing.

Can you identify this green stuff?

Green leaves
How about this green stuff?

What even is celeriac?
It's a type of herb.
It's a root vegetable.

It's a variety of sweet potato.
If you were eating squab, you would be eating...
A type of turnip

Fermented cabbage
Some type of fancy bread
Do you describe yourself as a 'foodie' in your Twitter bio?
Yes, because I am.
No, what do you think I am?
You're in Dublin. Which restaurant are you most likely to go to?
Which of these are you most likely to put in your porridge?
Honey and a sprinkle of sugar

Chia seeds, hemp seeds and coconut flakes
Pick a cheese to slather on your cracker.
How often do you cook a meal from scratch?
Does putting something in the microwave count as "made from scratch"?
Once a week, at least.

Every day.
Finally, how would you define a foodie?
Someone who looooves to eat and isn't discerning about it.
Someone with a genuine/avid interest in eating and cooking food.

Someone who Instagrams their bowl of chia seeds.
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You're a foodie
You might not brag about it, but you're a bit of a foodie. Not like all those other chancers out there.
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You scored out of !
You're not a foodie
It's okay. Most of us aren't. *orders Dominos*
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