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How women dyeing their armpit hair became a trend for summer 2015
#freeyourpits is now a thing.

dying1 New York Times New York Times

THE ABOVE ARTICLE from The New York Times was published last week – and it’s got everyone talking about what looks to be this summer’s latest trend:

The dyeing of armpit hair.

Earlier this summer, we covered the very fact that armpit hair was on the rise – but now it seems it’s been taken to the next level.

Under the #freeyourpits hashtag, women have been sharing their dyed armpit hair on Instagram

bodyhair Instagram Instagram

There’s even a website that documents the armpit hair movement

bodyhair2 Instagram Instagram

As Today covered the trend in the US this week, one of the women with her armpit hair dyed explained the reasoning:

People assume that when you grow out your armpit hair, you’re trying to be radical and showy of your feminism. But it’s not about that.
Dyeing is a trend, but being who you are, growing out your armpit hair, feminism, those aren’t trends.

Back in May, Miley Cyrus posted this shot to Instagram with her armpit hair dyed pink

#PANK #dirtyhippie mileycyrus mileycyrus

As another interviewee about her armpit hair noted, it’s about going against the norm:

We’re all conditioned to shame body hair… but it’s important to question why you think these things

And as Slate explains, people have started going beyond the armpit hair and further south.

Let the colours flow is what they are saying

bodyhair3 Instagram Instagram


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