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Arya and The Hound. HBO
valar morghulis

Arya Stark is the reason you're watching Game of Thrones tonight


IF YOU STAYED up until 2am this morning to watch episode one of season four of Game Of Thrones, then you’re probably already wearing your Arya Stark t-shirt and planning your Arya Stark tattoo.

Or maybe you’ll be watching it for the first time when it airs again tonight on Sky Atlantic, or… you know… a little raven mights somehow drop the episode into your lap this evening by other means.

Either way, here’s some spoiler-free Arya-related excitement from Twitter to get you in the mood.

Arya and The Hound aka the best double act since Turner and Hooch

Give them their own show already

Or at least give Arya her own show

She’s definitely cool enough to carry it off


Ps don’t post Season 4 spoilers in the comments section. They will be deleted. 

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