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11 things pedestrians really want you to know

Take a walk on the wild side.


Pedestrians have something to say, and they want you to listen (while pulled in safely at the side of the road, obviously).

1. This is us, every day


2. Cyclists! You are not pedestrians!

So please, stop acting like pedestrians.

Footpaths are not for you to whizz along. Red lights apply to you. Pedestrian crossings apply to you. You are terrifying.


3. We’re sorry for jaywalking

But sometimes it can’t be avoided.

This is a pedestrian’s least favourite jaywalking scenario:

- The pedestrian is trying to cross the road.

- The pedestrian managed to scuttle across to the centre, with just the one car approaching from the left. The way behind that car is clear. The pedestrian just has to wait for this one car to pass. C’MON CAR. KEEP GOING.

- The car slows down to engage in a game of polite cat and mouse as the pedestrian dithers and wonders if they should make a run for it, praying silently that the driver will just continue on their way and allow their jaywalking to continue unhindered.


- The driver meanwhile is thinking this:

How I feel living in a college town full of dumb pedestrians - Imgur Source: Imgur

4. Revving your car in a menacing way at traffic lights makes you the worst person in the world

You know who you are.

Dwight-Schrute-Shakes-Head-and-Rolls-Eyes Source: Reactiongifs

5. Blocking a pedestrian crossing is asshat behaviour

Ive always wanted to do this when an asshole stops in the midde of a pedestrian crosswalk. - Imgur Source: Imgur

6. There is no better feeling that giving a driver blocking a pedestrian crossing the stink eye

A little glance at the green man adds a nice touch.

tumblr_mbf495Qd2d1rfduvxo1_500 Source: Salon

7. The puddles. THE PUDDLES

Please try to avoid them.

It’s raining. We’re already miserable enough without you adding to the street juice clinging to our jeans.

shutterstock_143578069 Source: Shutterstock.com

8. We hate people who press the button unnecessarily as much as you do

It might be the person who presses the button even though we’ve just pressed it.

Or even worse, it might be the person who’s just sauntering past and presses the button EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE NOT CROSSING THE ROAD!

My face when someone presses the crosswalk button after I just pressed it... - Imgur Source: Imgur

9. Walking on country roads is terror incarnate

Clinging onto bushes for dear life and jumping into hedges to avoid being flattened by articulated trucks is no fun for anyone.

1319738930_homer_simpson_hides_in_hedge Source: Theblubber

10. You are infinitely more powerful than us

Pedestrian Displeased When Two Cars Nearly Crush Him .. - Imgur Source: Imgur

11. Some of us are drivers/cyclists too

So we know what you’re up against. We’re all in this together.

internet_fist_bump Source: Wideawakeinwonderland

Are you a pedestrian? Or have something to say about pedestrians? You know what to do…

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