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10 times ASOS made us question the concept of fashion

As Seen On absolutely nobody.

WE LOVE SHOPPING on ASOS, but you do have to wade through a lot of interesting stuff before you get something good.

Interesting stuff like…

These bikini bottoms

We refuse to believe that a woman signed off on these. It’s not possible.

This tie-dye unitard with fringed sleeves

unitard Source: Twitter/@wtfasos

Festival fashion for people who have NO IDEA what a festival entails.

These quilted Christmas undies

B2Rcya_CcAAMMCM Source: Twitter/@jess__carr

Just musing on when it would be comfortable and appropriate to wear these. Anyone come up with anything?

This faux suede sweatshirt

fauxsuede Source: ASOS

Just think of how clammy you’d get wearing this.


meshtunic Source: ASOS

“Dress by Weekday.” Sure… Sure.

This ‘smock cagoule’

You can almost see the model thinking, “Don’t blame ME for this.”

This bumbag

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at this photoshoot…

This bra/t-shirt hybrid

CAx6d6hW8AA93hs Source: Twitter/@_LibbyNorris

And we thought that the ‘underwear over the clothes’ look was finished after Britney did it in the Slave 4 U video.

These ripped tracksuit bottoms


And this ‘nose or ear jewel cuff’

Is this for real? #asosfail @alexxbianca @moniquegar Source: Instagram/kellybakesxo

Miss? Miss! There’s something on your face.

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