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How Much Of An Aul Wan Are You?

Get out of them wet clothes and take this important quiz.

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1. Have you ever absolutely scolded someone for leaving a dirty dish out overnight?
Yes, yes I have
No way, man
2. Your average bedtime on a weeknight is...
3. In the last 12 months, have you read the local paper to see who has died?
I actually have :(
No, never
4. It's 9pm on a Thursday night. Your friends text saying they are in the pub. What do you do?
Drop everything and head out
You're already asleep so didn't even see the text

Hum and haw for a while and eventually decide against
Pretend you never saw the text and throw on another episode of Gilmore Girls
5. How dry should clothes be before they can be worn?
Don't care
Just off the radiator is grand

Bone dry
Like they have been hanging out in the Sahara for two months
6. You think selfie sticks are...
What? I don't... what?
Meh, I have no strong opinions on them

A thundering disgrace, wouldn't be caught dead with one
Ah, they're great craic
7. Have you ever referred to somebody you know as "himself" or "herself"?
Uh, yes
8. Pick a soap...
Fair City

Coronation Street
9. Pick a phrase you are most likely to say in everyday life...
"Now, I'm not being mean, but..." *says something mean*
"You'll be the death of me."

"A little birdy told me."
"Jaysis Mary and Joseph"
10. And finally... take off that coat or it’ll be no good to you when you get outside...
Yes, you're right
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You are queen of the aul wans
You are the essence of aul wan, to be sure. Good drying weather, sleeping, and best before dates are what you live for. And you don't be paying much attention to them awful young hipsters and their carry on.
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You're a bit of an aul wan to be sure
You're not the full aul wan yet, but we'll be seeing you in Bingo on Tuesday nights soon enough - which is what constitutes a midweek night out for you these days. Sure you'd be worn out by the young people's constant gallivanting.
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You're not really an aul wan at all
You've a fair few years to go in you yet before you become an aul wan. Away and watch your Net Flicks on the computer and don't be waking me when you come home from the town after 11 tonight.
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You're just a young wan
Get away out it, young wan. You were probably out until all hours last night gallivanting and getting on with your new friends. Sure you wouldn't know what it was like to be indoors before the midnight hour.
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