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The Irish For: Cartoons, propaganda and the words children learn
How much do TV shows influence children’s pronunciation and phrases?
# mammy
11 pieces of advice your mam has given you that you always ignore (and regret)
True wisdom, willfully ignored.
# no recession there
What Percent Mam Are You?
How many carrier bags do you own?
# Lies
11 Snapchats you would definitely send to your mam
If she joined.
# i am the egg mam
Introducing the latest internet sensation: a man who throws eggs at/to his mother every day...
Lesser women would have ‘cracked’ under the pressure.
# i am the egg mam
This lad throws eggs to his unsuspecting mam every day, and it's weirdly hilarious
Lesser women would have cracked by now. (Sorry.)
# speechless mammy
Aer Lingus brought these Irish people home for a lovely surprise visit this Christmas
And it’s just lovely <3
# speechless mammy
Aer Lingus brought these Irish people home for a lovely surprise visit this Christmas
And it’s just lovely <3
# The Immersion
There's a touching reason behind these very Irish signs
Spotted in Dublin.
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How Much Of An Irish Mam Will You Be?
You haven’t had childer yet, but when that day comes how Mammyish will you be?
# Quiz
How Much Of An Aul Wan Are You?
Get out of them wet clothes and take this important quiz.
# morto mammy
Yep. This is definitely the most embarrassing mammy move ever
Ah maaaaaaam.
12 unique panics of an Irish Christmas
‘TIs the season to be absolutely stressed.
# hey mambo
8 of the best things Irish people have texted their Mams
“Home for dinner?”
# mammy
Do Irish Twitter users say mum, mom, mam or ma?
Let’s look at the hard evidence.
# braindead b*****d
This disastrous family discussion in Belfast is going viral, and it's hilarious
Featuring a star appearance from Mam. (Not pictured.)
# mammy duck
This story of a baby duckling reuniting with its family will break your heart
Not crying. Not.
# Chopping onions
Mum receives surprise adoption papers from daughter she took in 10 years ago
Best Mother’s Day present ever.
# mammy stop
Mothers mortifyingly reveal shocking things their kids don't know about them
Can’t hear you la la la la la.
# atchoo
'Baby being surprised by a sneeze' is the best 10 seconds you'll see today
Bar none.
# jumpin' jesus
Canadian has a typical 'Irish mammy' reaction to her son getting stuck in snow
Ah for God’s sake, look at her carpet.
# the mammy
11 gas moments from new Irish show 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy
Baz Ashmawy’s mammy is one brave woman.
# mammy
6 things you'll definitely see on social media this Mother's Day
Who has the best mother in the world? Your Facebook friends, apparently.
# aaah ma
9 unmistakable signs that your mam is angry with you
Oh, you’re not going to visit her today? Grand so.
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7 moments when the Irish Mammy is worth her salt
What would you do without her?
# Oops
9 people who got the date of Mother's Day so so wrong
CHILL. It’s not until Sunday.
# daddy's rules
Grumpy dad pens his own harsh list of house rules
Nobody puts daddy in the corner.
# Quiz
Is it time you called your mother?
This handy flow chart will help you find out.
# stand by your ma
This 'Your Ma' battle from Irish Twitter last night is the stuff of legend
Featuring comedian David O’Doherty. Sit back and watch.
# oh god
8 absolutely mortifying things you're cringing about right now
Here, somebody hold my bag while I DIE OF SHAME.
# mam text
This may be the greatest Irish Mammy Text of all time
We pray we never receive this message.
# hiya teacher
The best and worst things about going back to school...
… as a teacher
# the mammy
Surefire ways to know you're someone's mammy
“You get genuinely excited by a poo…”
# Your Ma!
"Have you no coat?": It's time to play Irish mammy bingo!
Clean up that tip of a room.
# scarleh
I called my teacher "Mammy", and other mortifying childhood memories
MAMMY! I mean, teacher!
# mammywire
9 ways to text like your mam
Where r u? Who r u with?