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An eBay seller uses his 94-year-old aunt to model his items and she kills it


EBAY CAN BE a mess of junk at times. How can you tell if the item in the photo is the item you’re actually going to get?

You can’t, a lot of the time… but Bulgarian eBay seller Retrooobg is different. Every item he puts up for sale is modelled by his 94-year-old aunt, and she is absolutely killing it.

urDx46l Source: Imgur

He sells antiques, from axes to wooden bowls and rusty chains, and she shows it all off in its best light

Sf3EUZX Source: Imgur

Whether it’s a cute teddy

EvzjTwh Source: Imgur

Or a scruffy wooden paddle

0c6HyEh Source: Imgur

She’s got all the facial expressions down

U6KUE5m Source: Imgur

Csu5FQD Source: Imgur

The joyous model has gone viral after an eagle-eyed ebay user posted her photos to Imgur.

Finally, some well-deserved recognition.

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