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Which Lindt ball melts fastest in the 44°c Melbourne heat?
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7 unbelievable things that happened in Australia's fierce heat
Melted shoes. Melted everything!

PARTS OF AUSTRALIA are finally cooling down after being in the grip of a heatwave, with temperatures in Adelaide peaking at 44.2°c yesterday.

Fires continue to raging in Victoria and South Australia, leaving one woman dead in the Grampians region. Hundreds have evacuated from their homes.

The Age reports that a cool change has finally hit Melbourne, with temperatures set to drop by 15 or 20°c in some areas this weekend. Adelaide has also seen a drop to more tolerable temperatures.

The heat has driven humans and animals alike into all kinds of situations in a bid to keep cool.

Here are some of the more bizarre happenings…

A whole Lindt ball melts in three minutes


Zoo animals are eating giant meat ice pops

bear @TheAge_Photo Honey, a Syrian brown bear at Melbourne zoo, rests on an ice block of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables in an attempt to cool down. @TheAge_Photo

UzWYmW4 Imgur Imgur

Koalas are counting on humans for water supplies



Bats and birds are falling out of the sky

Queensland’s Bat Conservation and Rescue service says that the heat has caused bats and birds to collapse mid-air and fall out of the sky.

Murray Paas

Tennis players have collapsed at the Australian Open

Australian Open Tennis Aaron Favila Zheng Jie of China receives medical treatment for heat-related illness during her third round match against Casey Dellacqua of Australia at the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne. Aaron Favila

This woman’s car dashboard registered a temperature of 51.5°c


This woman’s shoe melted


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