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"He never faltered in the eye of the storm" - statement from Michéal Martin on the passing of Brian Lenihan
The Fianna Fáil party leader reacts to the death of his colleague, Brian Lenihan.
Poll: Who would get your vote for President of Ireland now?
It’s still early days, and the field has changed again. So in the second of our polls on the presidency, we’re wondering how you’d vote now.
Royal newlyweds grapple with must and asbestos in their new home
Duchess of Cambridge is thwarted in her plans to move into Princess Margaret’s old apartment.
Poll: Should a statutory inquiry into the Magdalene Laundries be established?
What the survivors of the Magdalene Laundries want first is an apology, and then redress. But do we owe it to ourselves to hold a full inquiry into the State’s role as well?
Cheryl and Ashley: Could it be back on?
Ashley Cole has been photographed wearing his diamond encrusted wedding ring, leading newspapers to ask: Could she? Would she?
Poll: Now Mladic has been brought to justice, should Serbia be allowed to join the EU?
The delivery to the Hague of Ratko Mladic is being welcome by EU leaders. But it is enough to ensure his country’s membership of the EU?
Eight things you need to know about the new, deadly E.coli outbreak
Why is this strain more deadly than any we’ve seen before? And what can you do to make sure you don’t get it?
Enjoy the good weather while it lasts... there's a frost warning for early next week
Yes, you read that right.
Britain prepares for a heatwave…as Ireland gets its woollies on
Temperatures in Britain will be warmer than Casablanca – while in Ireland the outlook is “well below normal”.
Australia's economy "hits a pothole"
Floods and cyclones hit exports hard, causing the Australian economy to shrink at its sharpest rate since 1991.
Poll: What's your view of the proposed new taxes?
How do you feel about being asked to pay not one, not two but THREE new potential taxes next year?
TCD scientists make crucial breakthrough in breast cancer research
Researchers discovered that taking beta blockers, which stop stress responses, reduced the chance of the cancer spreading, and improved survival rates.
Stoned to death after taking part in a beauty contest
However, police insist the Ukrainian teenager was killed by a “troubled classmate.”
The next Oprah? Pippa Middleton to be offered her own US TV show
Meet P-Middy, tipped to be the next queen …. of daytime TV, that is.
Wanted: College Dropouts. Reward: $100,000
Meet the world’s most promising dropouts – the 24 handpicked by PayPal founder Peter Thiel for a $100,000 grant. But what do you make of his plan?
Poll: Who would get your vote as next President of Ireland?
Up to ten names have now been mentioned in connection with the presidency. We want to know which of these ten – some who’ve already declared an interest and a few who’ve shown none at all – would be mostly likely to get your vote at this stage.
Monastery closed following lap dancing nun performance
The Vatican says the lifestyles of the Cistercians were not in keeping with Church doctrine. What – did it expect them to live like monks?
Sellafield to undergo EU stress tests
Would stress testing reassure you about the safety of Sellafield?
Cheryl Cole dropped from US X-Factor
She and Paula Abdul also “lacked chemistry”.
First family home of the late Garret FitzGerald goes under the hammer
The FitzGeralds bought the house for £4,250 in 1959. It’s expected to fetch €1.3 million at auction tomorrow.
How to eat like a President: grilled chicken and brown rice
Details of the US President’s menu requirements during his stay at the five star Merrion Hotel have emerged.
Poll: Is death the only good excuse for not turning out for your country?
Trapattoni says unless they are “in hospital or dead”, players have no excuse for not turning up. Is he right? Or should he be more understanding of players’ other commitments?
Jetlagged and windswept, the Obamas' European tour battles on
On the second leg of their European tour, the US President temporarily loses three years, while his wife struggles to hold onto her hair…and her dress.
#PotusIE: What Twitter is making of Obama’s visit
Our selection of today’s top tweets on Barack and Michelle Obama’s historic visit.
Obama’s Irish visit: A timeline
The impromptu hurley jokes; the emotional speeches; the bad hair day. We’ve got it all in our minute-by-minute timeline of this historic day.
Poll: Should Irish airspace stay open if the ash cloud arrives?
Do you think last year’s lockdown in the skies was an overreaction? Or would you prefer to see airspace close again if the ash cloud returns?
Insurance company rewards top sales staff...with an orgy
Twenty prostitutes were made available to 100 of the German company’s top perfoming salespeople at an “open-air brothel”, Handelsblatt reports.
Poll: Which historic event would you most like to witness?
Imagine you were given a golden ticket for any one of this month’s historic events. Which one would you choose?
"Brushing shoulders with history": Ryan Tubridy to MC Obama gig
The RTE broadcaster says he plans to “get in there and have some fun”.