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7 glorious feelings that prove autumn is the best season ever

Get out there and jump in some leaves.

AFTER A DECIDEDLY balmy September, Ireland woke up this morning to discover autumn had well and truly arrived.

Autumn is widely regarded as the best season – pretty, undemanding (not like summer), relatively easy to handle weather-wise.

There’s just so much to ENJOY about autumn. Here are just a few things.

1. Taking a walk in ‘crisp’ weather

Not freezing, not wet, but cold and sunny. Just…crisp.

2. The smell of a bale of briquettes

Briquettes Source: Navan Hire and DIY

Americans can keep their pumpkin spice and cinnamon. The humble briquette holds the true scent of autumn.

3. Putting on your winter coat for the first time

Adding the scarf and hat (and matching gloves) is a bonus.

coat-gif-series-sherlock-Favim.com-370954 Source: Favim

Everyone looks cool in a long coat. It’s a fact.

4. Crunching in fallen leaves

8089440247_0d203d34b3_k Just BEGGING to be run through. Source: Flickr/Kenny Louie

So what if it makes us look about five years old? If you pass a pile of freshly fallen leaves, you MUST blast through them.

5. Getting a fire lit


Nothing like it.

6. Hot drinks coming into their own


OK, so Irish people wouldn’t give up their daily cup(s) of tea if the climate suddenly turned tropical overnight.

But still, come autumn, the reign of the comforting, rejuvenating, all round miracle-working hot drinks can truly begin.

7. Listening to the rain outside as you cosy up in bed

c21bad7653be1eaade7c8de2db7aede2 Source: Pinterest

Like the whole of Ireland did last night. It’s important to tuck and fold the blanket accordingly for maximum cosiness.

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